"You have your brush,

you have your colours,

you paint the paradise,

then in you go."

~ Nikos Kazantzakis


Argolis is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating regions of the Peloponnese. It is famous for its many archaeological sites (Mycenae, Epidavros, Argos, Tiryntha...), its ancient history stretching back all the way to the Palaeolithic (40,000 years ago), its myths, legends, and epic stories (the Trojan War just being one of them), its spectacular coastlines, its charming villages, its aristocratic Venetian town of Nafplio, and... its unrivalled oranges and honey. Argolis (Argolida in modern-day Greek) will surely capture your heart and inspire you to make wonderful photographs to take home and treasure for the rest of your life.

Argolida Photo Walks organises photo excursions that will help you to discover and photograph not only the famous sites but also the lesser known, hidden gems that are spread out over this region. Argolis has a lot to offer to any visitor, but especially to those who have a heart for photography. We will help you discover, explore, enjoy, and photograph one of the most beautiful, diverse and fascinating places on this planet. Whether you are an experienced photographer or simply someone who loves to capture joyful moments and amazing landscapes, we will be your personal guide during our walks "on ancient roads & mythical hills".

One of our strongest points is flexibility.  Our walks can be customised to your needs, interests, and time schedule. The number of participants in every walk is never very high: usually 3 to 4 people, with a maximum of 8. However, we also accept bookings for larger groups, but only on special request. Please fill in the form on our Contact page for any questions you might have. We will answer you in less than 24 hours.

If required, we can arrange transport with comfortable taxis who bring us where we start to walk and will wait for us when and where we finish. If our customers have a rental car, it is useful to know that the places where we start and finish our walks, are always easy to reach and do not require 4x4s or any off-road driving whatsoever.

We are able to organise our walks on virtually every day of the week and weekend, also on official holidays. If by chance a particular site or walk would be unavailable due to external circumstances, we are always able to adjust the programme and find an alternative solution.

Our Photo Walks can be divided into three categories:

Nature walks

Walking in valleys and on top of hills allow for beautiful landscape photos and a very relaxing and healthy experience. These ’nature’ walks are never difficult and will be accessible to everyone who has a good health and a solid pair of walking shoes (in other words: we are not going to climb rocks, cliffs or mountains). A number of these walks are situated around Nafplio, Ligourio (where the Sanctuary of Asklepios and the famous Theatre are), and Archaia Epidavros. 

City walks

These photo walks take place in beautiful towns like Nafplio or on the island of Spetses. These walks provide for great holiday photos, a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, and allow us to show you streets and places you could otherwise easily miss during a casual visit.

History walks

If you are interested in archaeology and history, Argolis of course features many sites that allow us to give you a good insight on how prehistory, the Mycenaean civilisation, Classical Greece, and the Byzantine era all link together.  We can visit these sites with you, guiding you around as a photographer only, but we can help you find an officially licensed tour guide, if you wish so.

Find more detailed information and photos of the walks by clicking on the images below.

It is possible to arrange for mixed walks, and for example visit an archaeological site in the morning and combine this with a beautiful 'nature walk' or a 'city walk' in the romantic and historically significant city of Nafplio in the afternoon. Again, we like to pamper you and will do our very best to give you an individualised experience. Flexibility is one of our strongest assets!

Please use the Contact form to ask us for prices and details of our walks & tours.

We will give you photography tips to make better photos in the places we visit, and individual help with the technical side of taking photos with your camera. Any camera will do and we have experience in teaching total beginners as well as more advanced amateurs. In most of our walks we will be taking you to places "off the beaten track" that not many people know about, yet are easily accessible and totally worth seeing and photographing. We always do our very best to give you a unique and individual experience of the beauty, history, and nature of Argolis.

We recommend you to bring a bottle of water and some healthy snacks (fruits, sandwiches etc.), to use a solid pair of walking shoes, and to wear long trousers.

About your photo guide

My name is Patrick. I have a Master’s Degree in Classics (Ancient Greek literature, history, archaeology, philosophy, and religion) and I'm also an experienced professional photographer. I live near Nafplio, and I know this region and its people well. Argolis is the heart of the Peloponnese and was the cradle of the Greek civilisation on the mainland. People have lived here continuously for over 30,000 years. I will be your guide on our photo walks and tours, and I will make sure that you will enjoy the experience and take home with you some very beautiful memories, great photos, and some deeper understanding about the places we will visit.

My approach to these photo excursions is not based on teaching you all the technicalities of cameras, lenses, and post-editing digital photos on a computer (although I will gladly answer any questions you might have on this subject). My priority is to make your walk a pleasant and interesting experience, during which I will give you tips about lighting, composition, point-of-view, and how to put something of yourself in your photos. We are in one of the most fascinating and historical regions of Greece and our goal is to show you wonderful places, some of which almost nobody knows about, and help you capture their magical beauty with a camera.

Favourite subjects

Wild Olive Trees, Archaeological Sites

favourite photographer

Edward Steichen

Favourite camera

Hasselblad 500C/M

Photography is a way of telling what you feel about what you see.” 

~ Ansel Adams


As a Classical Philologist I have worked in a number of universities and museums. Argolis is a region where I combine my love for Ancient Greece with my passion for photography. This enables me to give you a unique experience on one of our photo walks. Whilst enjoying and photographing the natural beauty of the region and its hidden treasures, you will get an introduction to its fascinating history and legends as well. Plus, I speak fluent English, French, and some German.

My fine art photographs have been awarded, exhibited, and sold in several countries all over the world (Greece, France, England, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and Argentina). I use both analog (medium format) and digital (DSLR) cameras, but you are free to bring whatever camera suits you best. It's not the camera that makes a good picture, it's the photographer's eye. The camera and lens are your tools. I will help you train that "eye", and if needed, help you better understand the tools.

Our Photography

Garden of the Muses is the name of our ongoing photography project in Greece. As many travellers and photographers have noticed, the light here is always special. The American novelist Henry Miller described it as "that ultimate violet light that makes everything Greek seem holy, natural and familiar."

There are so many inspiring subjects to photograph in this country, in so many different places, that it's a true photographer's paradise. Some of our preferred subjects are olive trees and archaeological sites. Below you will find a selection of our photographs - simply click on the thumbnail images to see them bigger. All of our photos are available as fine art "Giclée" prints. Please use the form on our Contact page for any questions regarding formats and prices. 

We invite you to visit Garden of the Muses, we hope you will like our photos, and will join us for one of our photo excursions here at Argolida Photo Walks. It will be a pleasure to share the light, the colours, and all that speaks to the senses, with you.