Since prehistoric times the plain of Lygourio has been an important link between the Western and Eastern parts of the region that is currently known as Argolis. There are remains of Mycenaean fortifications, roads, and bridges, testifying to the importance of this area in connection with the Sacred Site of Apollon Maleatas and the realm of Epidavros in general. This importance only became bigger when, in Classical Times, the medical centre of the Asklepieion (the oldest one in the Western hemisphere) started to attract thousands of people in search of healing, from all over the Mediterranean world.

The town of Lygourio itself features a number of interesting churches, a few very old houses, and the remains of a construction that was probably used as a watchtower but stirs the imagination as it had the shape of a pyramid. A similar building in much better state of preservation exists near the town of Elliniko, South of the city of Argos.

Lygourio was once very famous for its wine and tobacco. Today its activities are mostly limited to the production of olive oil and high-quality marble stones from a number of quarries around the town. Although the neighbouring Sanctuary of Asklepios which incorporates the world-famous theatre ("of Epidavros"), attracts big numbers of tourists, the valleys and hills surrounding the archaeological site feature a number of hidden treasures of natural beauty and historical importance.

In this area, which is dominated by Mount Arachnaion in the North and bordered by beautiful valleys and mysterious hills in the South and East, we will walk with you over a number of Mycenaean bridges (in their original state the oldest bridges in the world!), on a Mycenaean causeway, visit unexplored Mycenaean citadels, old churches and monasteries, ancient quarries, and simply enjoy the silence and beauty of wild nature. 

These excursions are great opportunities to go "off-the-beaten-track", to photograph wonderful mountainous landscapes and natural valleys, and to experience a sense of adventure and wonder in places where virtually nobody comes. It is our pleasure to explore and share these hidden gems with you, knowing that there are very few places like these left on this planet.


Mycenaean bridge, Mycenaean road, citadel, church, monastery, valley, tranquillity, nature, landscape.

Practical information:

These photo walks are available as short walks of a few hours, afternoon walks, and whole day excursions. Although we almost always walk on roads and paths, we recommend using walking boots and long trousers as some of the pathways can be covered with low but rough vegetation. These walks require a good physical condition, but rest assured that we never go climbing mountains, rocks or cliffs.