Methana, with its 55 square kilometres of volcanic craters, colourful rocks, man-made terraces, archaeological sites, quiet villages, and amazing views on the surrounding Saronic Gulf, is the latest addition to our photo excursions. The peninsula, connected to the coastline of the Peloponnese by a very narrow strip of land, has an enchanting and unique atmosphere because it was entirely built up by volcanic eruptions - more than 30 craters have been identified.

The last big volcanic eruption occurred near the village of Kameni Chora in 230 BCE, but a submarine volcano near Methana erupted as late as 1700 CE! There are clear indications that the volcano is not dead, but only sleeping. The peninsula is the north-westernmost part of the arc of the Aegean islands of which the other active volcanic areas are Milos, Santorini, and Nisyros.

We start this tour in the Spa town of Methana itself, passing the light blue and sulphuric waters of Vromolimni with its famous hydrotherapy centre and thermal baths. We drive through small, charming villages, built on the slopes of the volcanic craters, characterised by man-made terraces that allowed the fertile soil to be cultivated. We walk into the calderas, which nature has transformed into places of exceptional beauty, surrounded by the red rocks of what used to be the inside of the volcano. Finally, we follow a path that leads us to a spectacular view on the Black Rocks, the remains of the most recent eruption, and enjoy a refreshing drink or delicious meal on a most wonderful terrace.


Methana, volcano, lava, rocks, peninsula, terrace, caldera, crater, nature, landscape, village, thermal baths.

Practical information:

This tour is offered as an excursion of half a day or as a full day (with an extended programme and more time to photograph). It costs € 40 (half a day) or € 80 (full day) per photographer (€ 20 or € 40 resp. for anyone without a camera), not including the expenses for transport, museum tickets, meals or drinks.

These prices are per photographer (i.e. anyone taking photos during the walks). Anyone accompanying you without a camera gets a reduction of 50% and children under 12 participate for free! Please use the Contact form to ask for our special prices and arrangements for groups.