One of our more 'relaxed' tours is on the beautiful island of Spetses. Its distinctive architecture, cobbled streets and fragrant gardens featuring an incredible amount of bougainvilleas and jasmine, make it a joy to discover the island on foot. 

After an enchanting 15-minute sea journey on a typical wooden 'kaïki', we arrive in the main port of Dapia, dominated by the beautifully restored, historic building of the Poseidonion Grand Hotel. Our next stop is the superb mansion of Sotirios Anargyros, built in 1904, and guarded by two Egyptian sphinxes. A little bit further we find the Bouboulina Museum. Lascarina Bouboulina was a very famous female hero of the Greek Revolution that started in 1821. The museum which is housed in her home and displays a collection of personal objects and memorabilia, is really worth a visit.

Another museum on the island is housed in the beautiful mansion of Hatzigiannis Mexis, one of the notables who played a leading part during the fight for the Greek Independence. It displays a collection of relics and objects depicting the island’s history and culture from the Classical period to the beginning of the 20th century. Sculptures, Roman coins, Byzantine icons, local costumes, embroideries, portraits, historical documents, and weapons are amongst its treasures.

From the new harbour of Dapia, we then walk along a very scenic coastal route to the Old Harbour (Palio Limani). Along the way there are plenty of Captain’s mansions, surrounded by beautiful gardens with intricate black-and-white stone patterns (dolphins and anchors being some of the most favourite designs). From the coastal road a short path leads us to the Monastery of Saint Nicholas which was built at the beginning of the 18th century. Tradition has it that during heavy storms, wives and mothers of sailors would take oil from the monastery and pour it into the sea to calm the waves and thus ensuring the safe return of their loved ones.

We continue walking along the coastal road and on the other side of the Old Harbour we reach the traditional Spetses shipyards, which are the only ones in Greece that have been in operation continuously since the start of the Revolution in 1821. The shipbuilding tradition of Spetses is unequalled in the whole of the Mediterranean because all of the craftsmen still follow the traditional way of boat building using wood.

After the shipyards, it is a short walk to the lighthouse on the tip of the Old Harbour. The lighthouse was built in 1837 and is one of the oldest in Greece that is still in operation. In the gardens around the lighthouse modern sculptures of renowned artist Natalia Mela decorate the tip of the island.

We conclude our tour of Spetses in one of the traditional restaurants with a delicious meal of fresh fish or other local delicacies.


Spetses, island, charm, harbour, boats, shipbuilding, streets, the Poseidonion Grand Hotel, history, War of Independence.

Practical information:

This tour takes a full day and costs € 80 per photographer (€ 40 for anyone without a camera), not including the expenses for transport, museum tickets, meals or drinks.

These prices are per photographer (i.e. anyone taking photos during the walks). Anyone accompanying you without a camera gets a reduction of 50% and children under 12 participate for free! Please use the Contact form to ask for our special prices and arrangements for groups.